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What are dacromet screws?

DACROMET was first born in the late 1950s. In the cold winter in North America and Northern Europe, the thick ice layer on the road seriously hindered the movement of motor vehicles, people used salt sprinkled on the ground to reduce the temperature of the freezing point to alleviate the problem of smooth roads, but immediately after the chloride ions in sodium chloride eroded the steel substrate, the transportation was seriously damaged, and a serious problem arose. American scientist Mike Martin developed a highly dispersible water-soluble coating based on metal zinc flakes while adding aluminum flakes, chromic acid, and deionized water as solvents. The coating was dabbed on the metal substrate and baked after a full closed circuit coating cycle to form a thin coating, DACROMET coating successfully resisted the erosion of chloride ions, and the anti-corrosion technology entered a new level, innovating the short-lived defects of the traditional process of anti-corrosion.

As a result, DACROMET technology was adopted by the U.S. military as an anti-corrosion military technology, and by the 1970s NDS in Japan introduced Dacromet technology from MCI in the U.S., and bought out the right to use it in the Asia-Pacific region, and held a controlling interest in MCI in the U.S. DACROMET technology has been improved by Japan, and more than 100 coating plants and 70 pharmaceutical units have been developed in Japan, and some developed countries have also introduced Dacromet technology. China formally introduced Dacromet technology from Japan in 1994, and because Tianjin and Kobe, Japan are friendly cities, so Tianjin introduced the technology. The first DACROMET surface treatment plant was built in Tianjin.

Lituo Industrial Group also has a long history of cooperation with DACROMET. Our DACROMET hexagonal screws are very popular all over the world. They have excellent salt spray test results.

DACROMET is a new surface treatment technology, which is a “green plating” compared to the traditional plating process. Its advantages are as follows.

  1. Super corrosion resistance: The thickness of DACROMET film is only 4-8μm, but its rust prevention effect is more than 7-10 times of traditional zinc plating, hot-dip galvanizing or coating method. The standard parts and pipe joints treated with DACROMET process have not appeared red rust by salt spray resistance test for more than 1200h.
  2. No hydrogen embrittlement: The treatment process of DACROMET determines that there is no hydrogen embrittlement in DACROMET, so Dacromet is very suitable for the coating of stress parts.
  3. High heat resistance: DACROMET can resist high temperature corrosion, and the heat resistance temperature can reach more than 300℃. In contrast, the traditional galvanizing process, the temperature reaches 100 ℃, the skin has been scrapped.
  4. Good bonding and recoating performance: DACROMET coating has good bonding with the metal substrate, and strong adhesion with other additional coatings, the parts after treatment are easy to spray coloring, and the bonding with organic coatings even exceeds that of phosphate film.
  5. Good permeability: due to the electrostatic shielding effect, the deep holes and slits of the workpiece, the inner wall of the pipe and other parts are difficult to electroplate on zinc, so the above parts of the workpiece can not be protected by electroplating. Dacromet can enter these parts of the workpiece to form Dacromet coating.
  6. No pollution and pollution: DACROMET does not produce waste water and waste gas that pollute the environment during the whole process of production, processing and coating of workpieces, so there is no need for three waste treatment, which reduces the cost of treatment.

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