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China Screws Manufacturer. Can produce long screws, standard screws, non-standard screws, etc.

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In order to let you find the answer(s) you are looking for in a quick & easy way, we organize all of the FAQs into a few categories below, anyway, feel free to contact us whenever you need.

How to guarantee the transportation?

We as one of the largest screw manufacturers and screw suppliers, we have 10 forwarding companies that are often contacted. We can get the best shipping price, and there are more shipping schedules for our customers to choose from. If customers have their own freight forwarders, we are happy to contact them and complete the order together.

If it is a working day, we usually reply you within 2 hours after receiving your inquiry. Then quote for you within 2 hours. If it is a non-working day, we will reply within 8 hours, and then complete the quotation within 24 hours.

If you are very urgent about the price of screws, please call us, and our staff will serve you immediately.

You need to confirm the product size and quantity you need with us, and we will confirm the order price with you. Then we will mail the corresponding products to you for you to check the quality. It needs express fee. We can show the courier company's invoice to explain the price.

If you order enough products, we will refund the sample fee after order confirmation.

Welcome OEM/ODM, we have a professional and innovative screw mold development team, customized size and color even material are all ok. We are also researching new materials recently, so colleagues are welcome to create new products with us.

From new concepts to new products, we do all the work (design, prototype review, tooling and production) in our factory.

Step 1: Tell me your needs, what size and material you need. If possible, please tell us the purpose of your purchase. Let's see what value we can offer you. If you are a retailer, we can design your own packaging for you, and if you are an engineering company, we can provide suggestions on the use of screws. If you are a wholesaler, we can provide better and faster shipping channels and methods. After all, our work is only meaningful if it produces value for your purposes.

Step 2: Confirm the price and delivery details of the order.

Step 3: We will arrange production for you after receiving your deposit.

1. We have stable and traceable raw material supply factories and good prices.

2. We have 20 years experience in manufacturing and exporting to all over the world.

3. We have high production efficiency and short delivery time.

4. Our payment method is more flexible.

5. We have multilingual services: English/Russian/Spanish etc.

We usually give case feedback within 2 hours after receiving your complaint. We promise to provide you with the most satisfactory solution within 8 hours.

No worries, please contact us with below chart and we will answer all the questions for you.