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Type 17 Hex Head Screw

  • Material: C1022, hardened.
  • Standard: ISO15480, DIN7504.
  • Head type: Hexagonal washer head, hexagonal flange head.
  • Finish: white/yellow/blue zinc coated, hot dipped galvanized, zinc-nickel alloy coated, black oxide, DACROMET, RUSPET
  • Assembly: steel bonded washers, stainless steel bonded washers, PVC washers, stainless steel hexagonal caps, umbrella washers, nylon caps.
  • Diameter: 3.5 mm – 6.3 mm.
  • Length: 13mm – 200mm.
  • Certification:CE
  • Tail: Type 17

Production Description

Type 17 Hex Head Screw

Type 17 is a very special model. His tail looks like it has been cut by a knife. In fact, this has the advantage of reinforcing the locking, which is good for chip removal and anti-slip.

This standard screw is often used for wood and plastic products.

An interesting thing to give you a science, as a professional Type 17 Hex Head Screw supplier. Interesting things we only know.

At that time, this type of screw was actually invented unintentionally. At that time, a factory was making matching products and found that the size of the pre-punched hole of the screw was made smaller. Then, in order to better screw in the thicker screws, experienced workers came up with a solution to improve the screws. An engraving was made to the tail of the screw so that the debris inside could be discharged when the screw was punched in, and also to better protect the material when the hole type was enlarged.

Type 17 Hex Head Screws: The Ultimate Fastening Solution

Type 17 Hex Head Screws are a popular choice for a variety of woodworking applications. These screws have a unique design that allows them to easily penetrate the hardest of woods, and provide a secure hold that ensures the longevity of your project.

The Type 17 screw is characterized by its sharp point and unique threads. The sharp point allows for easy insertion into the wood, while the threads are designed to provide a secure grip that prevents the screw from backing out over time. The Type 17 screw also has a hex head, which allows for easy tightening with a wrench or pliers.

One of the biggest advantages of Type 17 screws is their ability to self-drill. This means that they can be inserted into the wood without the need for pre-drilling, saving you time and effort. The Type 17 screw also has a cutting thread, which helps to reduce splitting in the wood. This is especially important when working with hardwoods, which are prone to splitting.

Another advantage of Type 17 screws is their versatility. These screws can be used in a wide range of applications, from building decks and fences to constructing furniture and cabinets. They are also ideal for use in outdoor projects, as they are made from corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand the elements.

At Tianjin Lituo Industrial Group, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality Type 17 Hex Head Screws that meet the highest standards of durability and performance. Our screws are made from premium-grade materials that have been tested to ensure their strength and reliability. We also offer a range of coatings, including yellow zinc and black phosphate, to protect against corrosion and ensure the longevity of your project.

In addition to our high-quality products, we also offer exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and to provide guidance on selecting the right Type 17 screws for your project. We also offer fast and reliable shipping, so you can get the screws you need when you need them.

In conclusion, Type 17 Hex Head Screws are the ultimate fastening solution for all your woodworking needs. They are versatile, self-drilling, and provide a secure hold that ensures the longevity of your project. At Tianjin Lituo Industrial Group, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality Type 17 screws and exceptional customer service. Contact us today to place your order and experience the difference of working with the best.