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Self Drilling Drywall Screw

  • Material: C1022a Steel·304/316 stainless steel·302 stainless steel·aluminum alloy 5052
  • Finish: Black/gray phosphated, yellow zinc plated, white/blue zinc plated
  • Head Type: Bugle head
  • Thread Type: Find thread/Coarse thread
  • Tail Type: Self drilling type
  • Drive Type: Philips drive
  • Size: #6-#14/3.5mm-6.3mm
  • Length: 13mm-150mm

Production Description

Self Drilling Drywall Screw

Special has never been synonymous with loneliness, but because excellent things can always have their own unique dedication.

Self Drilling drywall screws as a special screw (we also call shaped screw). The production itself is very small, and the places where it can be used are also very limited.

Generally, we sell this kind of screws to the United States and Canada. Because its scope of use is very limited.

Compared to ordinary self tapping drywall screws. Self drilling drywall screws are easier to use between hard wood and metal (and plastic).

Because Americans and Canadians on the one hand are very fond of tending and creating their own gardens and yards. On the one hand, their DIY ability is relatively strong, so this kind of drywall nails that can better connect garden fences or yard fences with wooden strips and iron pipes are in great demand by people in these two areas.

In addition, as we all know, many houses in North America are actually surrounded by wood on the basis of steel structure. So in fact, the connection of the house actually needs these screws. This is a great test for self drilling drywall screws, because the requirements for the load-bearing capacity of the screws are very high. And our products have always been very popular with DIYers in North America. These are not our own conclusions, but based on the feedback of several hundred of our North American guests.

These people include wholesalers, hardware store owners, and brand owners. They all trust in the quality of our products.

Why is the quality of Lituo’s Screws trustworthy?

We are 20 years old factory. There are senior workers with more than 10 years of experience in mold and mechanical adjustment, and have their own CNC mold production workshop, which can control product quality very well.

And we are located in the heart of China’s heavy industry. This also provides natural conditions for us to become an excellent screw manufacturer. We use high-quality steel from Tianjin, which greatly saves transportation costs and ensures product quality. We will conduct regular inspections and visits to raw material suppliers to ensure that our customers can get the best quality products.

Our local steelworks import high-quality iron ore from Australia and the UK.

These make us one of the best screw suppliers and gain a firm foothold in the international high-end market.

If you are going to buy screws. Lituo is definitely your trustworthy screw factory.

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