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Fine Thread Black Phosphated Drywall Screw

  • Material: C1022a Steel
  • Finish: Black/gray phosphated
  • Head Type: Bugle head
  • Thread Type: Find thread
  • Tail Type: Self drilling type/Self tapping type
  • Drive Type: Philips drive
  • Size: #6-#14/3.5mm-6.3mm
  • Length: 13mm-150mm

Production Description

Fine Thread Black Phosphated Drywall Screw

The classic of fine thread screws is unpretentious and durable

Fine Thread Black Phosphated Drywall Screw is the most common type of drywall screw.

The phosphating process makes the surface of Fine Thread Drywall Screws smoother. Generally, the phosphating industry line is divided into gray phosphating and black phosphating, and the latter is the most used process for dry wall nails, although the process purpose and performance of both parties are similar. , but the visual smoothness that black brings to people is unmatched by gray phosphating drywall screws. So now most people still like to use Black Drywall Screw.

As a professional drywall screw manufacturer, our products can satisfy the American market. Because our material is of better quality, this makes our Fine Thread Drywall Screw suitable for the connection between plasterboard and thicker metal studs, and because of the finer details of the phosphating process.

Our screws have a smoother surface and go faster into drywall or metal when in use.

Because we only use iron wire produced by local steel mills. The static load capacity of drywall screws is significantly better than other manufacturers. Our local steelmaking plant takes advantage of Tianjin Port to import high-quality iron ore from Australia and the United Kingdom. It saves a lot of transportation costs by transporting the iron wire to our factory from the local area. The profound industrial background makes We have the ability to manufacture screw molds by ourselves. This makes the price and quality of our drywall screws obviously beat many southern manufacturers.

Since our establishment, we have grown up in the cradle of industry, and we regard the interests of customers as the first goal. We’ve certainly done that and now produce about 3 out of every 10 drywall screws used in the world. This is our pride and our commitment to the quality of our products.

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