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Coarse Thread White Blue Zinc Drywall Screw

  • Material:c1022 Steed/304/316 stainless steel/302 stainless steel
  • Finish:blue zinc
  • Head Type:Bugle head
  • Thread Type:Coarse
  • Tail Type:Self drilling type/Self tapping type
  • Drive:Philips
  • Certification: CE
  • Size:#6-#14/3.5mm-6.3mm
  • Length:13mm-150mm

Production Description

Coarse Thread White Blue Zinc Drywall Screw

Reliable Rust Prevention and Versatile Applications

Coarse Thread White Blue Zinc Drywall Screws offer reliable rust prevention for metal applications and are particularly well-suited for composite wood decorative materials. These zinc-plated screws provide superior anti-fatigue performance and ensure stability during disassembly without compromising the integrity of the original material texture.

  • Effective Rust Prevention and Versatility: Our zinc-plated drywall screws are specifically engineered to prevent rust formation, making them an excellent choice for metal applications. Additionally, their versatility extends to composite wood decorative materials, offering reliable and long-lasting fastening solutions.
  • Enhanced Anti-Fatigue Performance: With advanced construction and design, our coarse thread zinc-plated screws exhibit superior anti-fatigue properties. They can withstand frequent disassembly without compromising their performance or structural integrity.
  • Ideal for Wet Areas and Tropical Environments: Our Coarse Thread White Blue Zinc Drywall Screw is specially designed for wet areas and construction materials exported to tropical regions. Our expertise in temperature control and experienced craftsmanship ensures superior rust resistance, making them ideal for demanding environments.

Why choose our products?

[Superior Craftsmanship] Our Coarse Thread White Blue Zinc Drywall Screw is a line specially designed for wet areas.Due to the higher quality of the material used and the more experienced control of the temperature and our screws have a better performance in terms of rust prevention. Especially for construction materials exported to tropical areas. Most of the galvanized drywall screws used are produced by us.

[Customized Packaging]We offer a mature packaging system, providing a range of options including paper packaging and plastic packaging. Through our long-term partnerships with reputable factories, we can accommodate customized packaging requirements. Contact us today, and we will recommend excellent packaging cases based on your specific needs.

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