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Find qualify screws factory in China. Easily order screws, rivets, washers, nuts and bolts and fasteners with 24/7 customer service.

Welcome to Lituo Screws Factory!

Screw Manufacturing Process Flow Chart.

Welcome to the Head Shaping Workshop!

As the first step of screw forming, we have 100 cold heading machines in each punch shop. They are responsible for preliminary processing of metal wires to make screw heads. Under the impact of high-speed machines, our screw heads are more capable of adapting to screw guns. There is also no twisting of the head during multiple disassembly.

Welcome to Tail Forming Workshop!

In the screw production process, if it is a self-tapping screw, the tail is naturally completed during the thread forming process.

Then if the drill tail screw, especially the very classic drill tail hexagonal head screw. In the process of production, the tail needs to be made independently.

This requires the use of a screw clamp tail machine. It can use molds to make the tail of the screw the shape you need. Such as type-17 tail screw and drill tail screw and spoon tail screw.

The drill tail of the screw is very important, because there is no reserved screw hole in the working environment of the drill tail screw, and the tail of the screw needs to break through the material. Especially the tail of the drill tail hex screw is very important. The length and stiffness of the tail determine how thick material you can fasten.

Because the drill tail of the screw will be responsible for breaking through the material during the work, but the thread does not have this function. Therefore, when fastening the product, it is necessary to select the tail length of the screw according to the thickness of the material. Generally speaking, the tail of the screw is slightly longer than the thickness of the material to be fastened.

Welcome to the Thread Forming Workshop!

This is the third step of screw forming. With the cooperation of our well-adjusted screw die and thread rolling machine, whether it is a half-thread screw, a full-thread screw, or a special thread screw. They can all perform well in the process of attacking.

The thread plays the role of fastening and guiding the advancement of the screw during the tapping process. Therefore, the thread requirements of both self-tapping screws and drilling screws are very high.

In fiberboard nails, in order to facilitate the discharge of sawdust produced when the screw enters the wood, the threads of fiberboard nails have many special shapes, such as pineapple threads, cutting threads and shaving threads.

Lituo’s tooth plates are produced by our own mold workshop. If you are interested, You can visit our mold workshop.

This is a critical step in determining quality!

At this time, the screws have just been finished from the production line, and they are still covered with a thick layer of engine oil. We need to take this great work a step further.

As a professional screw factory, we have two mesh belt furnaces of our own. They heat the screws to anneal them. Almost most hardware that requires hardness and toughness will go through this process. More than ten years of experience in heat treatment has allowed us to control time and temperature to a very high level.

Therefore, as a professional screw factory, the screws we produce are top-grade in terms of hardness and penetration speed.

Welcome to the surface treatment workshop!

When the screw is annealed, its strength reaches new heights. But there is still some distance from the use.

The environment in which fasteners are used is not always very dry. And there may be direct contact with water or water vapor. Iron is a very unstable metal. It will often combine with oxygen and water vapor in the air to oxidize. After oxidation, it will become fragile. Then as a fastener, it loses its corresponding role.

So at this time surface treatment becomes a very important step. We have our own galvanizing and phosphating production lines (galvanizing on the left and black phosphating on the right)

They keep the screws in the air longer without corroding. The fastening ability of the screw is protected.

Especially the hexagonal screws, as the screws that are often used to install roof color steel plates, need to be exposed to wind, sun and rain every day. So corrosion resistance is very important. If I am in a tropical area where it often rains, our DACROMET Hex Head Screw is even more popular, because it can last up to 1200 hours in the salt spray test without red rust, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed.

In addition, we also have RUSPET coating process, which is also a sharp tool for anti-rust.

Welcome to our packaging warehouse!

As a professional screw factory, how can a screw manufacturer with a daily shipment of about 30 tons do not have a mature packaging workshop?

We have 20 screw plastic packaging machines, which can pack 30-50 tons of screws into plastic bags every day! This keeps the screws dry and protected from moisture during transport! After the screws are packed into plastic bags, our workers will help you pack them into cartons that have been customized in advance!

We have in-depth cooperation with more than 10 packaging factories. Plastic bags, cartons and plastic boxes can be customized!

Welcome to our Screw Warehouse!

Welcome to our automated management warehouse. The warehouse administrator is a warehouse administrator with 5 years of experience and can use the warehouse management system proficiently. Small gantry cranes and forklifts will be used. In order to keep it dry, we will pile up some environmentally friendly desiccants in the corner of the warehouse. The fire-fighting facilities are also very complete. The roof of our warehouse uses a different color steel plate from the warehouse for sun protection. The color steel plate on the top of the screw warehouse is thicker, which can better insulate the temperature and prevent the warehouse from being overheated.

In this way, we are also very friendly to friends who wholesale a small amount of screws, and our screws can last for a long time without deterioration. So we can say most of the mainstream models are well stocked. This is great for small and medium buyers. They can buy medium or small quantities of screws at bulk purchase prices.


If you want to find a screw factory that is sincere to you and has high product quality. Please contact us now!


We Have

More Than 600 Machines

Screws produced by cold forging process with different head and drive, main including machine screw, self tapping & drilling screw, and used for all fields.

Research & Development

To satisfy the demands from global markets and customers, we have more than 600 machines in two shift production in order to providing self-drilling screws and all kinds wide various screws and fastener products in market share.

We energetically keep on developing new products and upgrading our research capability in order to serve our customers and satisfy their requirements with high value-added fasteners. OEM is also welcome for business cooperation. If you are interested on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Quality Policy

To prevent any mistakes happen during developing, the developing procedure is controlled under ISO 9001.

From design → information collection → setting developing items → design input → design output → pilot run → design verification → mass production, every stage is strictly inspected & controlled by R&D team. Based on the precise control from research, drawing, pilot run management and design change, the development will be cost effective and efficient.

We believe that quality improvement is one of the key responsibilities of every LITUO employee. Lituo Screws is committed to solving quality issues with the right concept and attitude.

What did our happy clients say?

Tomas Medina

The OEM fastener service through Lituo Fastener enables us to offer our customers a diverse range of products and services, the ability to meet the needs of different customer groups and provide a valuable and targeted service to repeat customers.

Usman Shahid

We are very satisfied with Lituo's products and service, thanks to the great support we receive from Lituo Fastener, which enables us to deliver every order in a timely and quality assured manner.

Shaun Erasmus

I reviewed in Mexico on March 17, 2020. Drywall screws work well, good value. No issues in using / mounted things with them. Could you provide me a offer of 20 tons,please?

Aftab Alam

As described and worked for my project. The 1/8″ rivets installed no problem. Stems always ejected cleanly. Worked as described in description! Fit perfectly for the job we needed them for. Highly recommend. Arrived on time and they’re perfect.Thank you.

John F

“We were looking for a reliable fastener supplier until we found Lituo Fastener, we stopped searching endlessly, it is really a good fastener factory, strong recommendation!”