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Custom Services

Whether you want something custom or aren’t sure which screws fit your project, please email

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As a custom screws leader, we more understanding of screw design and manufacturing, and the close cooperation performance of your products, personalized characteristics.

Customization Process

With domestic and foreign advanced technology production, can also according to customer requirements to like to plan customized.


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Offer OEM and ODM service to meet clients' special screw needs.


Prepare Material

We will prepare raw materials supplier of stainless, steel and titanium with 20 years experience ensures the quality from the source.



Adopt advanced multi-mode equipment and has 30 years of craftsman technology.



9 processes, 9 quality tests.


Manufactured Goods

Quality guarantee,each production link can provide online video to confirm.


Pre-shipment Inspection

Ensure the dimensions, tolerances and workmanship are correct.



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After-sales Service

If you have any question,please contact us,we will solve the first time.


Repet Order

Confirm the sample order or initial order for start the bulk order.


The first step in customizing products! Get ready!

After we receive your custom requirements, we will discuss the mold cost and mass production cost before you.

When we reach an agreement on these two issues and receive the mold cost. We will start to make the screw mold!

We will receive your screw design drawings and then make them 3D, and realize this technology through SolidWorks (this process will incur the salary cost of engineers). Of course it would be best if you can provide 3D drawings!

Then we will design a 3D drawing of the screw model according to your 3D drawing.

If you provide the product and do not provide the drawing. We will choose to use precision stylus to measure product size and make preliminary calculations for screw molds. Then put all the data into the ready-made or customized 3D mold model. This completes our preliminary preparations!

Start preliminary work now!

We will take the die steel (typically Cr8Mo2SiV (from China) KD21 (from JP) or D2 (from USA) for initial cuts to make them fit the dimensions of our screw making machines. We have done this for over 5 We’ve been familiar with our machines for years, so there’s no problem (there’s even a lot of prototype stock in the warehouse).

Get started with CNC lathes!

These molds will probably be processed by 4-6 types of CNC lathes. For example, punch molds will be carved, then polished, and then forged. This is all very time consuming.

If it is a screw that needs to be punched multiple times, such as a large round flat head screw or a hexagonal head screw, we need to make more than 2 types of punches. This is how they can be produced.

Of course, rubbing the toothbrush is relatively simple. We will choose the corresponding engraving knife according to the pitch and direction, and directly engrave on the two rubbing plates that have been cut in advance.

Trim the tail of the screw if necessary. We also have molds for pinch tails. I won’t say all of them here.

Of course, this is only approximate, in order to give you a rough understanding of the production process.

The reason why screw molds are expensive is that they need to be continuously debugged during the development process. Maybe one development will not be successful, and multiple productions are required. An old screw factory like ours with more than 5 years of production experience cannot guarantee that it will be successful once. But our rich experience is doomed that we will save considerable trial and error costs in this process.

So if you need an experienced old screw factory to customize screws for you, you can choose us without hesitation.

Test and mass produce!

We will conduct a 30-minute machine test on the developed mold to ensure stable quality during mass production.

In the process of mass production, we check the dimensions of the preliminary material of the screw coated with oil every hour. Our quality inspectors are quite responsible. If an abnormal size is found, the machine will be stopped immediately, and the screw production machine and screw mold will be checked.

Of course, as long as the molds that pass the 30-minute test generally do not make mistakes in production.

If it is the exclusive mold we produce for you, in order to protect your rights and interests. We will not use it for other companies.

So if you need custom screws, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away!