Why do we need phosphating for drywall screws?

The treatment of drywall screws are roughly divided into two kinds, one is phosphating, one is galvanizing. These two kinds of appearance treatment is the biggest use is used to prevent rust, of course, there are other uses, today lituo to popularize for everyone. So let’s talk about phosphating. Most of the drywall screws on […]

What Is The Difference Between Drywall Screws and Chipboard Screws?

The first is the scope of application of fiberboard nails: In the furniture manufacturing industry fiberboard nails are more widely used, it is a product similar to drywall nails, and its sales are also relatively large. In the building materials market, domestic consumers prefer it, in the installation of rails, hinges, with fish-style expansion installation […]

What are dacromet screws?

DACROMET was first born in the late 1950s. In the cold winter in North America and Northern Europe, the thick ice layer on the road seriously hindered the movement of motor vehicles, people used salt sprinkled on the ground to reduce the temperature of the freezing point to alleviate the problem of smooth roads, but […]