Our packaging always gets rave reviews

This is real feedback from a facebook friend Jon.As a professional screw supplier. We provided him with a new packaging process when supplying drywall screws. Not only pallets with keel reinforcement. There is also a new type of molecular membrane, which we specially ordered from Israel. It is more elastic than ordinary plastic film. It […]

Timely response is very important

As the world’s leading screw manufacturer.We have the most professional staff. They have the fastest response time to give you the first response.Mr. Calvin from the Netherlands asked us about the penetration length of the drilling screw at 22:00 China time.I immediately introduced to him that the penetration length of the drill screw is related […]

Our service is accurate to every link of transportation

This is the full affirmation of Mr. Christian from Chile.He wanted to buy Hex Head Screws from us, which have a good rust prevention function, because of the hot and humid environment in South America, so the screws supplied by general screw suppliers are very prone to rusting.But we have a lot of experience in […]

Time is never the barrier between us, we are always ready to cooperate with you

This is Mr. Josias, a friend from Southeast Asia. He is investigating the local hardware product distribution market for his boss and looking for the best screw supplier.As the world’s leading screw manufacturer. Mr. Michael, who is familiar with the Southeast Asian market, naturally became his best choice. Mr. Michael carefully analyzed the Southeast Asian […]

Will we provide free screw samples?

This is a sincere feedback from a Tunisian friend Nasser. They are a professional hardware product sourcing company with 16 years of foreign trade experience, and keep in touch with the largest hardware fastener supplier in China. This time, he purchased hex head drill screws for a hardware fastener company in Germany. In Germany, it […]