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Lituo manufacture all kinds of screws like Dywall Screws, Chipboard Screws, Hex Head Screws, Hex Head Screws, Self Tapping Screws, and so on.

About Lituo Screws

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Company Name: Tianjin Lituo Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Factory Adress: Wangwenzhuang Industrial Area ,Xiqing District, Tianjin, China
Factory Area: 40,000m²
Chairman & CEO: Maolai Sang
Founded: Year 2000
Employees: 200+
Feature: OEM / ODM / Manufacturer / Exporter
Customer: Trader, bulk buyers, distributor …etc.

Main Products: Drywall screws, Chipboard Screws, Hex Head Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Self Drilling Screws…
Monthly Capacity: 800~880 tons
Application: Construction, Woodworking, Decoration, Other fastening processes …etc.
Export Market: Worldwide
Product Certificate: CE, ISO9001, SGS, etc.

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Lituo Developing Course

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In 1992

Lituo founder Maolai Sang graduated from Tianjin University and entered a screw manufacturing company at that time and became a senior skilled worker in a subsidiary screw factory.

Because of his control of product quality during the production process and his seriousness and responsibility in mechanical and mold debugging, he was recognized by most people in the factory.

So he went into the management of the factory, became the deputy director of the factory and took over the work of some old accountants who had retired due to age.

In 1995

In 2000

After accumulating 8 years of experience in the factory in 2000, he decided to establish his own screw factory and strive to become the world’s leading screw supplier. Our original name is Tianjin Lituo Hardware Products Manufactory.

In 2005

Due to the improvement of quality requirements in the world screw market, we had our own heat treatment production line and purchased 2 mesh belt furnaces.

With the expansion of international demand and consumption upgrading and transformation, our shipments of galvanized screws increased.In order to become a leading screw factory in the world, we decided to build our own production line for galvanized and phosphating screws.

In this way, we can not only accumulate a lot of experience in the surface treatment of screws, but also ensure the quality of the products. Because if the surface treatment is handed over to other factories, the quality of the product may be very unstable. But now we are very happy to have our own surface treatment production line.

Take the craft into your own hands Is the greatest guarantee of product quality Our production, defined by ourselves.

The control of material ratio and temperature gives us absolute confidence.

In 2008

In 2009

Due to the upswing of China’s economy, the demand for export screws increased greatly. So we registered Tianjin Lituo Import & Export Co., Ltd. to increase our popularity in the world market.

Facts have proved that it is a correct decision for us to do so, which also paved the way for us to become a world-renowned screw supplier.

Because the pronunciation of orange is the same as honesty in Chinese, we decided to use orange as our logo theme. Orange represents our sincerity to customers, so orange has also become the main color of our website.

In order to pursue better quality of screws, we started to establish our own mold workshop, purchased a fully automatic CNC punching machine to produce screw tooth plates, and purchased CNC inner plate grinders, CNC end face grinders and mirrors Spark machine to produce master mold. Bought a forging press to produce punch bars and punches.

These molds create better conditions for us to produce more precise and stronger conventional screws and hex screws in the future.

In 2015

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In 2020

We moved from the original medium-sized factory to the current 40,000-square-meter park.

It has a mature packaging line and a larger storage space. The distance between all equipment has also been given a greater hint, now we have 200 punching machines, 200 thread rolling machines, and 200 tail clamping machines.

It has two mesh belt furnaces, one galvanizing production line and one phosphating production line. There are 6 small gantry cranes in the factory.

We can also produce self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws and various heterosexual screws.

In the same year, the sales of screws exceeded 100 million US dollars. It has reached the world’s leading level in the field of drywall screws and fiberboard screws and hex head screws.

If you need a screw supplier please contact us now.

Lituo will be the best choice in the screw factory.

We Believe

To become a world-renowned screws & fasteners manufactory


Not surrender to low price, we emphasize on long term cooperation with our every customer not just one-time business. In pursuit of excellent performance is our basic responsibility and let Your Choice to be your best choice is our ultimate goal.


We will be passion continue to grow and advance our business by being a reliable partner providing customers with satisfaction and peace of mind and by responding to the needs of a changing and diversifying fastener industry structure on Global Market Scale.